Picnic in Rome, spring is in the air

Picnic in Rome, spring is in the air

A sunny spring day in Rome is the perfect excuse to pack up a picnic basket and enjoy the great outdoors that Rome has to offer. Did you know that Rome is full of huge and beautiful parks? Did you know that Rome has the largest extension of green parks in its center compared to any other European city? Picnic in Rome is the perfect idea to truly enjoy our great weather and to spend time al fresco!

With the warm weather arriving I have outdoor dining on my mind. On the beach, by the lake or in Romes beautiful parks, nothing is more delicious than a romantic picnic in Rome. You need nothing more than some nice cold wine, cheese and bread, but you can also do so much more.
Whether you head down to our central beautiful historical parks (Villa Borghese or Villa Pamphili) or embark on a longer day excursion to Ostia Antica, Tivoli or the Via Appia Antica picnic in Rome is the perfect solution to really relax and enjoy your day in total freedom!

If you feel like preparing your own picnic basket go to the nearest local market in Rome such as Campo dei Fiori, Testaccio, San Cosimato (in trastevere) or any of our great grocery shops-alimentary) and choose some wonderful ready food to pack up. Testaccio is our favourite choice; it has great stalls and also lovely little shops selling juices, paninis ecc! Near by if you feel like spending real money on your picnic go to Volpetti, a top end goumet shop on Via Marmorata, Testaccio47.

Remember no picnic in Rome is truly fabulous without great company, great food, a basket and a blanket and a bottle of cold wine.

However, if your felling lazy and don’t feel like preparing picnic in Rome be tempted by our ViVi Picnic collection of scrumptious organic picnic menus; all with great recipes and beautiful picnic baskets to go. All our food is wonderfully packed in biodegradable packaging and we will deliver your picnic basket directly to all main parks and historical sites in Rome.

Enjoy a picturesque meal al fresco in Rome’s beautiful spots.

Need any idea for a picnic in Rome or a suggestion on the best spots? Write to us we’ll be more than happy to help out.