About us

Who We Are

Vivi Picnic is a spinoff created by ViVi Bistrot. Our first organic restaurant opened in 2008 in Rome’s most beautiful park, Villa Doria Pamphili. We have always been obsessed with Picnics and Rome is simply the perfect city for picnics as we are surrounded by beautiful park all over the city. We have prepared thousands of happy picnics in Rome in these years. ViVi Picnic caters all picnic events in Rome. Whether it a simple picnic at the park, outside a museum, during train ride or bus transfer, in the office or at home, we will deliver our freshly prepared organic gourmet food together with a handful of freedom and joy!

ViVi Picnic hampers are crammed with ViVi Bistrot’s home made products, and complete with everything you will need for your perfect picnic! ViVi Picnic is more than a simple lunch . It’s an experience! Picnics are a refreshing moment, because they are informal, funny, aggregating, suitable for all ages and all budgets. It ‘ a little luxury that everyone should experience once in a while; it will make your day a memorable one! Picnic for two, for a family, for groups, companies or simply to be together with some friends…

Want something more exclusive? Check out our Picnic Lusso Sfrenato options. ViVi Bistrot- In these years ViVi Bistrot opened other branches in the center of Rome in special locations such as Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps and soon in some fabulous new places!

Chekout more info on www.vivibistrot.com